Advanced Warfare - Weapons

A page dedicated to all of the weapons / guns that will be featured in the upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (COD AW) game. Note that this list will be a work in progress over the next few months, as more and more material is slowly made available. Also be aware of the fact that weapons featured in the campaign might not be included in the multiplayer.

Weapon Names

Because COD Advanced Warfare takes place in the year 2054, there is a very good possibility that most of the weapons featured don't actually exist in real life. If my guess is correct, Sledgehammer Games will take the names of currently-existing firearms and create futuristic versions of them. i.e. Instead of the AK-47 or the AK-12, we might be looking at something like the AK-900i etc. That, and they'll probably create new ones from scratch.


According to SG, some of the weapons in the game will not be ammunition-based. Instead of firing bullets, they will fire off "rounds of energy".

Here is one example: The 3D-Printer Rifle:

Here, we can see that the rifle is loaded with some sort of liquid. On the cartridge, it reads "Liquid Matter: Explosive Composite Material. Unbonded Aluminium and Copper Oxide."

The Plasma Rifle is also an example of the high-tech weapons you'll be getting your hands on in November:

You can see that the red button reads "Emergency Shutoff Switch", whereas the plasma cartridge reads: "Plasma Reactor Fuel. Compressed Hydrogen."


All of these were taken from the reveal trailer, as well as some of the imagery that has been released. If you can name one of them, be sure to post a comment in the comment section below.

An unnamed Assault Rifle of some sort. To me, it kind of looks like a derivative of the Heckler & Koch G3.

An unnamed SMG.

A bullpup weapon with a suppressor on it. A few people have agreed that it looks strikingly similar to the APS UAR, which is actually an airsoft gun. It wouldn't surprise me if a designer used it for inspiration.

The same gun from a different angle.

Some in-game footage showing a weapon that seems to have "BAL-27" written on the side of it. As you can, it has some sort of double hologram scope on it.

Using my super CSI Enhance skills, I zoomed in on the text and sharpened it. It definitely looks as though the engraving says "BAL-27".

This screenshot from another scene shows that I'm probably right. Note that I've done some searching around and it doesn't seem as if the BAL-27 actually exists in real life. This doesn't come as a surprise, considering the year that the game is set in.

A screenshot showing the effects of the variable grenade, which can be switched between concussion / stun and threat detection. In the image below, you can see the "threat detection" kicking it, as it highlights enemies and your surroundings.

A mini-gun, which is attached to a larger "robotic" version of the exoskeleton suit.

Here, you can see that the soldier in the background is carrying some sort of LMG. Possibly, this is a various of the M60 Light Machine Gun.

Judging from the size of the suppressor, it seems to me like this might be a sniper rifle on his back. It certainly looks much bigger than the weapon that he is carrying in other scenes.

I've seen a few people saying that this looks like the ACR assault rifle, which has featured in some of the previous games.

A pistol of some sort. If you think you know what it is, post a comment below and I'll update the information.

An SMG that looks like the MP5.

This assault rifle looks to be some sort of variant of the AK-12. Maybe my prediction about the AK-900i will turn out to be true?

I had to try and brighten the image so that the gun could be more visible. I've seen people liken this to the M4A1, which wouldn't really surprise me, considering how many previous games have included it.

Like I said, if you think you can put a name on some of these, feel free to post a comment below so that I can update the list.


  1. MP5 looks like Scorpion EVO 3 A1. The pistol looks similar to P99. Other than that, there are weapons concepts shown in a magazine (possibility Game Informer) such as the SMG that looks closely to the KRISS Vector with K10 charging handle that goes downward, MP5 front sight, longer barrel and RIS, and uses 9mm magazine. BAL-27 is the bullpup assault rifle with many traits featured from UAR and F2000. Lastly, a futuristic SMG based from the Thompson 1927.

  2. The green assault rifle that looks like the ACR is actually the ARX-160 from ghosts. This is probably a placeholder. And I think same goes for the AK-12

  3. the gun with the bal 27 on it is not surprisingly legitimately called, the bal 27 :l
    I have advanced warfare early soooo....

  4. the ar with the word bal 27 is actually called the bal 27

  5. Hope there's akimbo 1887 plasma shot guns...